Signing Off

24 01 2013


Signing Off—J. Campbell/R. Connelly, 1944? (Recorded November 15, 2010) Here’s the bonus track I promised. It’s one I recorded over two years ago. The song is a mystery to me. The only recorded versions I know of are by Sarah Vaughan, who cut it in 1944, and Ella Fitzgerald, who put it on her 1961 record, Clap Hands, Here Comes Charlie. I can’t find very much information about the song beyond this. The writers, Jimmy Campbell and Reg Connelly, are a couple of Brits—primarily lyricists—who did most of their work in the 1930s, so the composition date of 1944 is quite possibly not right, and, the music might have been written by somebody else. If anyone has any more information about this tune, please let me know!

So, that’s it. I’ll leave this blog up for the foreseeable future, with its 101 main-page songs and 20 songs listed in the “Archives” section. I hope people will continue to stumble upon the site and leave me nice notes. And maybe I’ll befriend some of those people and get to meet them in real life. Because, truly, meeting people and making friends is one of our most important living activities.


Signing off,




6 responses

26 01 2013

Congratulations, Patsy! It’s a fantastic collection of songs. I just downloaded the all to make sure I didn’t miss anything.

26 01 2013
P. Monteleone

Thanks, Al! Glad you’ve enjoyed them. Some pretty good takes in the lot, and a couple of stinkers, too. It’s been a fun trip for me. Just have to figger out what to do next….

30 01 2013

As long as you do something! Please keep me thrilled with your singing and playing. All the best.
Pff (UkeCosmos)

2 02 2013
P. Monteleone

Hey, thanks! Glad you’ve been enjoying it. x

11 02 2013

Thanks, pal. This collection is something to be immensely proud of. Just enjoying my seventh or eighth listen…

11 02 2013
P. Monteleone

Hey, it means a lot to hear that from you. Thanks, pal. See you soon….

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